Teaching for Mastery is a highly-engaging workshop for teachers
of martial arts, athletics, peak performance, yoga, meditation, qi
qong, physical therapy and other somatic practices.
Participants will learn relevant advances in pedagogy, positive
psychology, and neuroscience to enhance your students’
motivation, memory, group cohesion, and progress on the path
toward mastery.
Concrete takeaways include evidence-based practices, methods,
exercises, and activities which you can apply immediately with
your students, either through in person or online platforms.

Charles Colten 

Charles Colten (5th Dan, Aikikai) is the dojocho of Hudson River Aikido in New York City, a direct student of Endo Seishiro Shihan, and regularly teaches Aikido seminars in the USA, Canada, and Latin America.  

After working for decades as a teacher, school leader, and educational entrepreneur, Colten founded Aikido in the Schools, which is dedicated to bringing the physical, mental and emotional benefits of Aikido into public and private schools. 

He subsequently earned a Masters in Educational Leadership from Columbia University, and realized that the advances in neuroscience and pedagogy could serve students and teachers in, and beyond, the martial arts community.

As a result, Charles created Teaching for Mastery Workshops for Martial Arts Instructors, Mindfulness teachers, and Athletics coaches in Europe and the United States. He has also written Somatic-based Social and Emotional Learning Curricula for The United Nations International School (UNIS), The School at Columbia University, and the Awassa Aikido Dojo in Ethiopia. 

As founder of the Confluence Institute: , Charles has also brought Aikido principles and practices into the fields of Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, and Leadership Coaching; providing trainings for Judges, Business Professionals, School Administrators, Teachers, Healers, and Consultants.

As an eternal student, he considers the study, practice, and sharing of Aikido as "his lens, his window, his mirror, his medicine...and an endless wellspring of knowledge, wisdom, and joy." 

This course is closed for enrollment.