Learn to connect your body and mind through intentional, expansive movements.

Movement Arts classes combine fundamentals of Yoga and Aikido to learn to blend and harmonize from postures to poses and centering to entering. Being conscious of the space within as well as the outer world we live in. Yoga helps us build the conversation within ourselves so we can learn about our own framework through focusing on alignment and finding our individual expressions. Aikido allows us the opportunity to see how we use that to interact with the world and what we can be in control of to make ourselves an intentional presence by learning to blend, move, redirect, while knowing our worth and taking care of each other. Our Aikido portion of the Movement Arts class begins with expanding our own centers beyond the edge of our physical space, beyond the reach of just our own well being, building on concepts of how to handle stress energetically and physically without working with partners yet. By knowing that our space is worth holding, without shielding or freezing up, and that the attacks of the world do not all need our aggressive engagement, they don’t need to be ignored either. Our awareness is paramount."

Course Curriculum

  Introduction to Movement Arts
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Hi, I’m Anna Gallagher.

I have been on a mission to explore movement and our relationship with it. I'm a Board Certified Neuromuscular Massage and Myofascial Therapist specializing in Somatic therapy since 2006. I started Aikido in 2005 and began teaching Aikido to children in 2013. I'm also a certified Hatha Yoga teacher started offering Movement Arts Workshops in 2017 based on fundamental stretches from Yoga and Aikido warm ups/fundamentals that I used to be able to keep up with all of my training and teaching regardless of my framework but with consideration to learning HOW TO MOVE DIFFERENTLY. I have put together a vantage point of seeing the movements from the inside, so we can be exactly who we are, when we are there, without making it look like where everyone else is.  

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