In this course we will teach you a simple and highly effective, step-by-step process to dispel the many false beliefs that keep prospective students from joining your Aikido classes.

Skip Chpaman

Skip Chapman, is one of the Founders of Aikido University. He holds the rank of Ryoku-dan and is the Chief Instructor of Jersey Shore Aikikai. Skip has been practicing Aikido since 1991, and teaching since 1995, he opened Jersey Shore Aikikai in 1998. Skip has traveled for eighteen years under the direct instruction of Y. Yamada, Shihan and for several years under M. Kanai, Shihan. During his many years of training he helped develop Martial Art Management Software, founded Aikido Instructors Organization; a consulting group that assisted dojocho in growing the business side of their dojos, established a neuromuscular therapy practice, and over the past 14 years created JSA CrossFit, JSA Weightlifting and 2 Oars Rowing which are sister businesses to Jersey Shore Aikikai. As if that didn’t keep him busy enough, Skip and his wife Paige are the proud parents of triplet sons who push him daily to be the best he can be for his family, friends and students.

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Knocking Down The False Beliefs of Aikido

Find Your Dream Students & Only Talk to Them!