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ATA Eps. 20.12 - Is Aikido in Severe Decline?.......Probably

ATA Eps. 20.12 - Is Aikido in Severe Decline?.......Probably We wrap up the year with a discussion about the latest Black Belt Magazine post regarding the ever shrinking Aikido population and what (if anything) can be done about it.


20.7 Reopening Your Dojo - All Things Aikido Podcast

Episode 20.7 is out and it is a good one! We discuss the reopening of dojo after being closed due to cover-19. Watch on YouTube or Listen on iTunes, anchor, or Spotify!!! If you like the show, please subscribe and throw some positive feedback in the comments section. Thank you!


Episode 20.6 All Things Aikido Podcast: Post Pandemic Plans for Aikido... Should we even be making any right now?

Episode 20.6 Is live! Listen Here or watch the behind the scenes on Youtube. Today Skip sits down with special guest Paige Chapman. Today we will discuss how powerful a plan can be for engaging with students during the coronavirus pandemic and eventually getting students back on the mat. We...